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Welcome to Nicola Barry VA.

Are you a small business owner or corporate business that is in need of extra support with your administration? 

I would love the opportunity to help support you.

Working with an administrative contractor eliminates the traditional expense associated with hiring an employee. Clients can purchase a package tailored to their needs which is a cost-effective and flexible option for all businesses whether they be startups, small businesses, or corporate clients. 

I can offer you:

  • Onsite and virtual corporate support.

  • Freelance administration services specialising in executive assistance. 

  • A flexible, reliable and personalised service working around your business needs as required.

Christchurch based, I have professional experience in a variety of roles and industries covering media and advertising, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, legal, local government, construction, travel/tourism and hair/beauty. 


I strive to provide the best possible service for my clients by continuing to study, upskill and keep up with new ideas, technology and trends.


Reach out to delegate your daily distractions so that you can achieve more and take the stress out of your business. 

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